Power of Intention

Intention is the ultimate power that can lead to success. The power of intention comes from the force of focus. We have all that we need. We are the perfect invention but made imperfect by our own distractions. We are the grand design. But if we are the grand design then why do so many of us fail to reach our full potential? I believe, in many cases, it is our own doing, our own making and maybe, just maybe, our own plan. A plan to fail. Seems unthinkable doesn’t it? Maybe not.

The Power of Intention means that we will create whatever we think about most. I want you to think of the human mind as an airplane with two pilots. The first is our conscious pilot. Hands on the controls, eyes on the screens, mind focused on the path and thinking through each course change. The other is our subconscious pilot. The flight plan has been programmed, the controls are out of our hands and the direction is largely unknown to us. The conscious pilot is in the Captain’s seat maybe 10% of the trip. So, only 10% of the time are we really in control of the trip. A trip through life where we don’t know what or why or even how. We sit in our seat and try to enjoy the ride but we never see behind the locked door to the cockpit. The trip’s over before we know it and the destination is still unknown. If I can be blunt, it’s not a trip I wish to take. I want to control of the flight plan. So how can I get more control of the plane?

First, it’s the Power to Understand. We have the power to make thoughts into words and words into ideas and finally ideas into pictures. Pictures in our mind begin the process of understanding.

Next, we link these pictures together with other pictures born of our experience. Then we link our understanding with that of others and close the circle. But there’s even more. We can take our understanding of one thing and compare it to our questions about another but similar thing and better understand them both. Our ability to understand is limitless, unless we limit it ourselves. Think of what man understands today that was a mystery just a short time ago. But without our focus on understanding  and our power of intention to uncover what is hidden, there is no new knowledge. There is only the status quo. Our desire to focus on understanding puts the conscious pilot in the seat for just a little more of our flight.

Next of our powers that comes from Intention is the Power to Create. But not just to create the standard or the average, which can easily be created by the subconscious pilot but to create the innovative and unique. These can only be created when our conscious hands are on the controls. To make something from nothing and build where the space was empty. We are able to see the whole by only seeing the parts and by assembling them, create more than anyone could imagine. But we imagined it. We saw it as we opened up our mind to the possibilities and the conscious pilot took over. The Power of Focus. The Power of Intention.

The next of our powers is the Power to Build. To understand the concept, create the innovation and assemble the pieces into towers of accomplishment. To build we must master putting piece after piece together in a way to withstand the winds of time and the storms of change. You cannot build what your mind’s eye cannot eye. Open your eyes. If we are distracted by the static around us and our detractors that doubt our ability, we will lose sight of what we came to build. The subconscious pilot will take over and the destination is again out of our hands. Remember, our intention is to build and our focus cannot stray.

Next is the power to solve problems. Problems are a natural part of life and a necessary part of growth. In fact, without problems, there is no growth. Uncovering the solution to a problem requires using your Power of Understanding to define the problem. Your power of creation to innovate an approach and your power to build to put the pieces together. The solutions to great problems will take concentration, focus and the power of Intention.

A critical part of the Power of Intention is the Power to Overcome. Every great journey is met with obstacles. In the world I live in, chemical sales, objections are a way of life. I read a study once that made the impact of objections very clear. When trying to reach our goal we meet the first objection and less than 60% of the individuals overcome that objection and are even around to see if there’s another objection that follows. For the talented group that successfully handle the first objection, only 30% will handle the second objection and be there to challenge the third obstacle. So only 10% of the original group is still in the game. If you make it here, you’re better than 9 out of 10, better than 90 out of 100. So how does this elite few overcome so much to accomplish such great things? The Power of Intention!

The last power we should discuss is the power to succeed. You know how to unleash this power but let me remind you. We work hard to understand the world around us so we may create, innovate and build a solution to the problem. We do not give up but overcome the obstacles that are always part of any great adventure and by overcoming we succeed.

We are the Perfect Invention, capable of almost anything. We need just to focus the Power of Intention and BE what we were meant to BE.

Take control of your life and pilot it to great adventures!

Steve Haberly

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